This is the beginning of a collection of links to firms, reading material, individuals, toolkits and other helpful resources for exploration of topics relating to Futures Thinking, Design, Humanitarianism, and Mindful practice.

FHbD YouTube Channel

You can view our collection of videos on YouTube:
View the Future Human by Design YouTube Channel
View the 1 Minute Futures Methods Series
View Object-Oriented Ontological Concepts for Post-Anthropocentric Design Research

Futures Presentations


Design Is [Speculative] Futures Design Thinking – a new toolkit for preemptive design: YouTube Video


Dr Randolph Kent presentation AGEE Forum Geneva 17 May 2013: YouTube Video

Firms and blogs on Futures


Humanitarian Futures:
Nordkapp Toolkit:
Thing from the Future:
IFRC Solferino Academy:
Instant Archetypes – A new tarot for the new normal:


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Innovation & Futures:


Speculative Designer focussed on the Human Body Agi Haines
Foresight Specialist Leah Zaidi

Something missing? If you have come across resources that you feel should be included please feel free to leave a comment and I will get around to add it.